International Public Dialogue-Forum and Exhibition AtomEco 2017 • Moscow  •   21-22 November, 2017

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Feedback on the Results of AtomEco’2013, 7th International Forum

“Nuclear Energy Sector – Zero Damage Strategy” has been the main topic of AtomEco’2013, 7th International Forum. All the participants – managers and leading specialists of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, international experts, leading ecology professionals – came to the Forum to discuss openly all the ideas and exchange opinions on radioactive waste management (RWM) and nuclear fuel waste management (NFWM), ecological security and public acceptance of nuclear power business.


Sergey Kirienko, General Director of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, said: “Public acceptance is an issue of principle; we need to pay attention to this issue. Without open public discussions the potential development of the nuclear industry sector can be jeopardized.”


Alexander Nikitin, a famous Russian ecologist, concurs: “The zero damage strategy is the topic which the general public and the nuclear industry professionals have common interests in. AtomEco’2013 Forum is just a start of the zero damage discussion, we will need to come together again to continue discussing this new strategy.”


Ten round-table discussions took two days and helped create better understanding of goals, objectives and ways of achieving ecological safety of nuclear enterprises. Oleg Kryukov, Director for State Policy in the sphere of RVM, NFWM, and DNHF (Decommissioning of nuclear hazard facilities) of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, said: “We have had a number of useful meetings and discussed some very complex problems that had to do with management of RVM, NFWM, and DNHF.” A representative of Unitech Services Group, an American company, said: “AtomEco’2013 has been a great experience with much useful information and interesting participants.” General Director of FGUP GHK Petr Gavrilov said AtomEco’2013 has been well-organized in accordance with the leading international standards, as the WNA symposium in London. “This is definitely a strategically important event for exchange of opinions between leading Russian and international experts.”


AtomEco’2013 Forum was attended not only by leading international experts but also a large audience of young people, including students of the Moscow Institute of Energy and students of Gymnasium No. 491. Gymnasium teachers said about the Forum: “Our students saw many new and interesting things at the event, learned about the innovative promise of the Russian nuclear power industry. Many of our students said that after the event they wanted to find a job in the nuclear power sector.”



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